REGUPOL antislip mats and their application fields

REGUPOL anti-slip mats make a significant contribution to ensuring your cargo stays where it belongs, regardless of how far it's being transported. That's because over 30 years' experience in product development and application research have culminated in anti-slip mats that can rightly be described as the foundation for secure loads.

Keep your cargo "grounded" with anti-slip mats

REGUPOL anti-slip mats are the major factor in all load securing calculations for any cargo. Their reliable kinetic friction coefficient decisively reduces the need for other securing equipment. This is often what makes economical load securing possible at all.  

An unsecured load is a life threatening cargo. Even goods weighing several tons can suddenly become lethal projectiles due to emergency braking or evasive action by the truck driver. Anti-slip mats are one of the most effective ways of minimising this risk. For example, when lashing down a 6-ton load on anti-slip mats, only four lashing straps are needed. Without the mats, however, 40 straps are required, which is hardly practical. Anti-slip mats, therefore, form the basis for load securing, without which, most other securing methods would simply be too expensive and time-consuming to make sense. Anti-slip mats are used in all forms of load securing because their benefits are always decisive.

Properties of REGUPOL anti-slip mats

However, carrying a load on anti-slip mats alone without any other securing measures is not permitted. Though it is mathematically possible to calculate that an anti-slip mat can secure a load against forces generated by foreseeable driving manoeuvres, it offers no protection whatsoever from vertical forces. These occur when vehicles travel on uneven surfaces or over obstacles. That's the reason why anti-slip mats can only be used in combination with other load securing measures.

REGUPOL anti-slip mats have a number of specific properties that support the effectiveness of other load securing measures:  

  • the material's tensile strength and elongation at break are extremely high, which means they will not tear easily when subjected to horizontal forces (slipping movements or loading and unloading operations).
  • their temperature resistance enables them to be used in all climatic conditions.
  • their porous structure allows liquids to seep through and enables them to absorb dirt particles to a certain extent.
  • every REGUPOL anti-slip mat has a clearly defined maximum load bearing capacity. This prevents the weight of the goods being transported from compressing them to such an extent that they can no langer perform their designated function.

These characteristics enable us as the manufacturers to transform our REGUPOL anti-slip mats into high quality load securing devices that decisively increase both the safety and economic efficiency of general cargo transport. 

Always on the safe side. Keep it REGUPOL safe

Our anti-slip mats secure all cargos, general, sensitive and heavy loads - regardless of the weather conditions! Our REGUPOL anti-slip mats have long been so optimised and specialised that using them is just like buying additional cargo insurance.