Sensitive cargo

Transporting sensitive cargo with REGUPOL anti-slip mats

Sometimes goods are transported that are extremely sensitive and must not be soiled under any circumstances. One such example is exposed concrete elements for building construction which are installed as prefabricated elements after transport without any further painting. This category also includes components for wind power facilities, as well as finished and semi-finished products in stainless steel. Any discolouration on these cargo must be avoided.

To prevent this situation from occurring, we have developed our special anti-slip REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®. This mat doesn't only restrain the load when it's in danger of slipping. lt also restrains itself, so that it leaves no unwanted traces after coming into contact with the load: no black streaks which may optically impair sensitive surfaces. However, always ensure that the mats used are as good as new and are free from dirt and other contamination.

Light heavyweight

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® maximum load of up to 350 t/m2 = 3.50 N/mm2, 8 mm thickness based on DIN EN ISO 338 6-2.

Choose REGUPOL anti-slip mats and protect your sensitive loads from dirt or damage.

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For sensitive cargo

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

The REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is used for transporting sensitive loads, as it leaves no stains of paint residue behind.