REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

Our light heavyweight champion

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

Our light heavyweight champion

The REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is used for transporting sensitive loads, as it leaves no stains of paint residue behind.

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is our anti-slip mat for heavier loads of up to 350 t/m2. This mat will broaden your range of applications, but its most outstanding feature is that its colour doesen't rub off on most cargo transported. So if any sensitive goods have to be transported directly on the anti-slip mat, REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is the one to choose. Its bright colour makes it easy distinguish from other REGUPOL anti-slip mats, ruling out any confusion in the often hectic loading porcess.

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

The REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is suitable for sensitive loads and leaves no stains on the cargo. It can be used for transporting cargo or cargo of up to 350 t/m².

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

Anti-slip mat and ideal for sensitive loads

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

Anti-slip mat and ideal for sensitive loads


  • Reusable, long-lasting, resilient 
  • Defined load ranges, reliable friction coefficients 
  • No black streaks or stains
  • Contamination-tolerant, easy disposal

Specyfikacje techniczne


Elastomer compound made of synthetic rubber and Polyurethane

Maximum load

Up to 350 t/m2 = 3.50 N/mm2 at 8 mm thickness

based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2. Testsample size 60 x 60 mm


3 - 20 mm thicknesses, widths and lengths in rolls and sheets in standard or on request

Tensile strength

0.60 N/mm² minimum

Coefficient of friction

Lab tested value 0.97 µ
Value specified by VDI 2700 - part 14, 0.92 µ
Value calculated in practice 0.6 µ in acc. with VDI 2700 - part 15

Elongation at breack

60 % minimum

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This is REGUPOL safe

And even more so than usual. In the tests by the Fraunhofer Institute REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® achieved the top result for sliding friction of more than 0.9 µ. Compared with the usual calculated value of 0.6 µ, that's an improvement of over 50%. So, what does this mean for you in practice? lt gives you room to manoeuvre, if exceptional conditions on the load bed have a negative impact on securing the load. Because REGUPOL safe means having something in reserve rather than having to compromise.

REGUPOL cargo mat or REGUPOL cargo tool - the right tools for the respective load

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